Teams of the day: Borussia Dortmund and Copenhagen

Borussia Dortmund has been in the Champions League for several seasons now and has been a real contender for the title for a long time. In the previous season, the team managed to win the tournament for the second time in a row. However, this time it was not enough to get into the top 4. The team has a good lineup, which allows it to play with any opponent.
Bundesliga results of the previous seasons
The previous season of the Champions league was not the best for the team. The players were tired of the long tournament distance and the struggle for the gold medals. This led to a number of problems, for example, the fact that the team was not able to finish in the top-4.
In the previous campaign, the players of the team played against the following teams:
* Bayern Munich;
* Borussia M;
* Borussia D.
The first two teams were the main favorites of the tournament, but the last one was not so strong. The result of the match was the following:
1. The score was 1:1.
2. The second half was not played.
3. Bayern Munich scored two goals.
4. Borussia had a good start.
5. The match ended with a draw.
This was not a good result for the club.
However, this season the team is much stronger and has a great lineup. The main goal of the club is to win gold medals again.

The Bundesliga results of previous seasons can be found on the website of sports statistics. Here, you can find the results of matches of the Bundesliga and other national championships.
Results of the matches of Borussia and Copenhagen in the Bundesliga
The season of 2017/18 has already ended, so now it is time to look at the results. The Borussia is a team of young players, which is able to quickly adapt to the changes. The club is not so successful in the domestic arena, but it is a real favorite of the international arena.
Of course, the main goal for the Borussia in the new season is to get to the Champions Cup zone. The previous season was not successful, and the team did not finish in top-3. However the team has changed significantly since the previous year.
First of all, the lineup of the players has changed. This is why the team now has a lot of young and promising players. The most promising of them are:
· Jadon Sancho;
· – Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.
Both players have already made a name for themselves in the international stage.
It is important to note that the club has a long bench, so the players can rest and make the best use of the time.
Also, the club does not have many transfers. This allows the team to quickly adjust to the new situation.
Main results of Borussias in the national championship
The club has won a number championships in the past, and it is now ready to fight for gold medals in the future. The following teams are the main competitors of the Borussia:
• Bayern Munich.
• – *Bayern Munich;
• *Borussias M;
* *Bundestag.
These teams have a long history of winning the national cup.
Next season, it will be much easier to follow the results, because the clubs will play in the European cups.
Team’s chances for the Champions cup
The Borussia has a number advantages over its competitors. The first of them is the long bench. This means that the players are able to rest and get the best out of the game. The other advantage is the lineup. This gives the team a chance to play against the strongest teams.
At the same time, the Borusia is not a team that can be called a favorite of all tournaments. However in the last season, they managed to finish the season in the third place. This was not such a bad result, but they still have a lot to do.
You can always follow the team’ results on the sports statistics website. Here you can always find the latest information about the games of the teams and other championships. The information is updated in real time. This will allow you to not miss anything important.
All Bundesliga results on one platform
The German football season is in full swing, and this means that every day dozens of matches are held. The Bundesliga is the most popular tournament among fans, and every match of the championship is eagerly watched by millions of fans.
Fans of the German championship have long been waiting for the start of the new tournament. The new season promises to be a real treat for the fans, because it promises to bring a lot new and exciting things.
As for the new champion, it is Borussia. The Mönchengladbach team has been the champion of the country for several years now. The last time it won the title was in 2015.
Many fans of the Mönchnern team are very happy with the results they have achieved. However there are still some problems that the fans are waiting for.
For example, it was recently revealed that the Mönckels have a number problems.

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