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The first matches of the new season of the Spanish La Liga have come to an end. The main intrigue of the championship is the fight for the champion title between Barcelona and Real.
The Catalans have a good chance of winning the title, but they have to play against a Real team that is much stronger than them.
In the first matches, the Catalans looked very confident, but the Real players showed a lot of problems.

The main problem for the Catalons is the lack of motivation. The team is tired of losing the title and the fans are tired of the lackadaisical attitude of the players.
However, the Real Madrid players are also tired of playing against a team that has a long bench.
They are not the best players on the field, and the team is not very good at defense.
This is what makes the fight against Barcelona so interesting.
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– Full schedule of the upcoming matches
* Barcelona vs Real Madrid
+ Real Madrid vs Barcelona
= La Liga fixtures
The match between Barcelona vs. Real Madrid is scheduled for the 8th of May, at the 21:00 CET time.
It is the first of the following matches:
* Valencia vs Barcelona;
* At the end of the season, Real Madrid will play against Barcelona.
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It’s the first match of the first round of the La Liga. Barcelona and Atletico will play. The first match is a tough one for the Catalan team, as it will be very difficult to win the title.
Barcelona is the main favorite of the tournament, as the team has a good squad and a long history. The Catalans are very confident and are able to win with a single mistake.
Atletico is a team of young players, who have not had the best of times. The club is in a bad shape, and it is very difficult for the team to play in the Champions league.
Real Madrid is the team that will be the main rival of Barcelona. The players of the Royal club are not very motivated, and they do not show the best game.
All the information on the La liga can be found on our resource, which is a combination of the latest news and statistics from around the world.
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Real Sociedad
At the moment, the first rounds of the English Premier League are starting. The teams are facing each other for the first time. The fight for a place in the top 4 is very interesting. The main contenders are:
1. Liverpool
2. Chelsea
3. Manchester City
4. Tottenham Hotspur.
Liverpool is the favorite of all, as its players are in great shape. The Reds have a number of players who have already won the Champions cup.

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